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7/100 pictures from The Hobbit

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I am so going to regret this .-.

anyhow.. these are fragments of what the actual story might be. I tried to squeezed them into 10 pages so I can put them in one post. (hopefully, when I finally know how to draw comic, I will complete all the pages)

many thanks to stewardish for helping me with the text <3

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Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

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Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

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me trying to do the comic stuff.


turns out it look like crap and now I will stop.

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Loki demonstrating perfectly why, under no circumstances, should you try to hug him. Or like come near him 

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I have hungered for a long time. Though not for food.

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Today in Middle-Earth: Boromir sets out from Minas Tirith (July 4rd, 3018 T.A.)

On the eve of the sudden assault a dream came to my brother in a troubled sleep; and afterwards a like dream came oft to him again, and once to me.(…)

We could understand little, and we spoke to our father, Denethor, Lord of Minas Tirith, wise in the lore of Gondor. This only would he say, that Imladris was of old the name among the Elves of a far northern dale, where Elrond the Halfelven dwelt, greatest of lore-masters. Therefore my brother, seeing how desperate was our need, was eager to heed the dream and seek for Imladris; but since the way was full of doubt and danger, I took the journey upon myself. Loth was my father to give me leave, and long have I wandered by roads forgotten, seeking the house of Elrond, of which many had heard, but few knew where it lay.

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